The 英语 Studies Department

英语系致力于帮助每一位学生成为最有效的交流者. 这种承诺的前提是语言是开启学生潜能的钥匙. 通过写作, 阅读, 和讨论, 主要的焦点是面对在古典和当代文学中明显的道德基础. Organizational skills 和 research techniques are developed through this program. Students are required to complete four years of an 英语 sequence for graduation. Questions about appropriate leveling should be directed to the Department Chair.

Writing Guidelines

Formatting a Paper According to MLA Guidelines as Seen on OWL Purdue University Website

  • 1” margins on all four sides
  • Double spacing throughout the paper
  • Font used is the equivalent of 12 Times New Roman.
  • 名字 和 page # on each page if document is more than one page
  • 页面左侧的四行标题按以下顺序包括:学生姓名(拼写正确), instructor’s name (spelled correctly), 类名, date (day month year—without punctuation)
  • 论文的标题没有下划线/斜体(除非是书籍或戏剧的标题), nor are they ever bolded.
  • Paragraphs are indented.
  • Works Cited—not underlined, not bolded, centered on page
  • Listing(s) on works cited formatted correctly. (This includes alphabetical order if more than one listing, correct margins for each listing, correct punctuation 和 通知ation within each listing.)
  • In-text citation(s) formatted correctly.
  • Quotations of more than four lines are double indented.


英语 pre-AP 1: 1 Credit

在本课程中, 学生每周将有六节课学习短篇小说的基本结构和意义, 这部小说, 莎士比亚an play, 和诗歌. The curriculum uses the official Pre-AP 1 resources from the College Board, including norm-referenced tests. 一个强大的写作和语法程序开始在这门课程的写作过程, research techniques, grammatical structure with emphasis on studying diction 和 syntax. 预ap课程旨在支持不同水平的阅读和写作的学习者,而不是荣誉课程或高级课程(根据大学理事会规则)。. 一个强大的写作和语法程序开始在这门课程的写作过程, research techniques, grammatical structure with emphasis on studying diction 和 syntax.  The curriculum includes: 罗密欧与朱丽叶人与鼠向日葵《最大网络彩票正规平台》,一本科幻小说,一个十大网络彩票平台大全神话的单元,以及各种散文、短篇小说和诗歌.

Concepts of 英语: 1 Credit

In this skills-focused course, 学生每周将有六节课的学习,以培养在ap预科课程中取得成功所必需的技能. 学生学习短篇小说、小说、回忆录和诗歌的基本结构和含义.  A composition 和 grammar program begins in this course, focusing on the writing skills, research techniques, grammar 和 syntax required to be successful sophomore year.  The curriculum includes: 我们的小镇, 人与鼠, 向日葵, Fahrenheit 451, 《最大网络彩票正规平台》, various essays, articles, 短篇小说, poems.

英语 II – pre-AP 2: 1 Credit

Pre-AP 2英语课程是为普通水平的学生开设的,它建立在Pre-AP 1英语的基础上. Students develop awareness of the writer (poet, 小说家, 剧作家, 散文家, 记者, writer of non-fiction) manipulates language to persuade, 通知, 和娱乐.  Students will read closely 和 analyze a range of complex literary 和 通知ational texts. They learn to identify textual evidence for support in their discussions 和 writing, 除了学习识别作者和说话者如何使用特定的单词和句子来说服/改变思想, 情绪, actions of readers 和 listeners. The curriculum uses the official Pre-AP 2 resources from the College Board, including norm-referenced tests.

By the end of each unit, 学生完成两个多项选择测试以及写作任务,他们撰写精心设计和细致入微的分析段落和文章. To help the students have the vocabulary need for their 阅读 assignments, Membean, school’s vocabulary program, is integral to this course. 最后, to help students become life-long readers 和 explore different types of books, over the course of the year, students will select 和 read four free choice high school level books, a different genre for each quarter. 预ap课程旨在支持不同水平的阅读和写作的学习者,而不是荣誉课程或高级课程(根据大学理事会规则)。.

英语 III – AP 英语 Language 和 Composition: 1 Credit

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation, writing sample 和 high test scores. 本课程使学生成为以文学为重点的散文的熟练读者,并成为为各种目的写作的熟练作家. 这门写作课程使学生能够理解复杂的文本,写出足够丰富和复杂的散文,与成熟的读者进行有效的交流. The study of language itself –differences between oral 和 written discourse, formal 和 通知al language, historical changes in speech 和 writing-becomes the basis for this class. 文本包括: 如何写得好The Merchant of VeniceBartleby the ScrivenerThe Things They Carried当我奄奄一息这条路的浅滩  Death of a Salesman. 在完成这门课程后,学生应该能够:分析和解释好的写作样本, identifying 和 explaining an author’s use of rhetorical strategies 和 techniques; apply effective strategies in their own writing; write in a variety of genres 和 contexts; underst和 progression of ideas inherent in American literature. Students are expected to complete a research paper. This course prepares students to take the AP 英语 Language Exam in May.

Homework Requirement: 1.5-2 hours per night

大二研讨会: .25信贷

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation. In this weekly seminar, students will examine a wide range of texts paying close attention to the author’s reality, 写作风格, historical background. Readings include a 莎士比亚 comedy, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denosovitch潜水钟 和 蝴蝶爱因斯坦的梦美丽新世界, The Golem 和 Ginni 和童话故事. Awareness of diction 和 syntax is stressed.

Homework Requirement: 2 hours per week

Junior 和 Senior Seminars: .25信贷

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation. These weekly seminars provide students with additional opportunities to read, write 和 discuss literature. The junior curriculum is aimed at underst和ing the American experience. These students read 麦克白, The Autobiography of Fredrick Douglas, The Scarlet Letter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 《十大网络彩票平台大全》, 自力更生, The Great Gatsby 和 The Grapes of Wrath.  Students complete a research paper focusing on the 主题 of The American Dream. Seminars meet Friday mornings at 7:20 a.m.

Homework Requirement: 1 hour per week

英语 IV – AP Literature 和 Composition: 1 Credit

AP英语四级侧重于培养学生的解释能力和写作能力,为学生在大学水平的高级工作做好准备,并在AP考试中脱颖而出. Selections are drawn from a wide range of historical periods. 学生必须广泛阅读,并通过广泛的讨论和写作来反思他们的阅读. 学生必须对课外的阅读量承担相当大的责任, completing written logs on all 阅读s. Authors covered include Wilde, 莎士比亚, 陀思妥耶夫斯基, 伏尔泰, 勃朗特, 埃里森, 伍尔夫, 艾略特, 和奥威尔. Each semester, two 800-word analytic papers are required. Expository essays, often based on A.P. test questions, are completed weekly in class. Students complete a portfolio for their final exam.

Homework Requirement: 1.每晚5小时.

那些没有在大三或大四选修AP英语的学生可以从以下选项中选择一门课程. These courses may be taken at grade level or honors level.

新闻: .5信用

This senior elective focuses on journalistic ethics, 新闻写作, 编辑, 广告, 网络分析, 和设计.  Emphasis is placed on interviewing techniques, writing skills, photography layout.  学生检查专业的新闻稿件,并写自己的稿件,希望在出版 王冠图案.

Homework Requirement: 2 hours per week

World Literature I – Pillars 和 Axes – Texts that focus on Internal Conflicts: .5信用

This semester class will explore the impact of literature as it affects moral decisions. Texts will include: 《最大网络彩票正规平台》、《十大网络彩票平台大全》、《最大网络彩票正规平台》、《十大网络彩票平台大全》、《最大网络彩票正规平台》. 学生还将完成原创性研究,为一位在世的榜样撰写1000字的传记. Students will earn honors credit if they read The Picture of Dorian Gray, write a 1500 word paper, perform 25-30 lines from Hamlet.

Homework Requirement: .每晚5小时

World Literature II – The Individual in Society: .5信用

This semester class will focus on the role that one person plays in society, how an individual can make a difference. Texts will include 俄狄浦斯安提戈涅1984美丽新世界麦克白 or The Taming of the ShrewEnemy of the People. Students who wish to earn honors credit will also read The Trial by Kafka, write a 1500 word paper, memorize 25-30 lines of 莎士比亚.

Homework Requirement: .每晚5小时

The Hero 和 Anti-Hero – .5信用

本学期课程将学习建筑类型,并发现文学和生活中的英雄角色. Texts will include: 西哈诺,  All the Light We Cannot SeeCatcher in the Rye《最大网络彩票正规平台》 or 尤利乌斯•凯撒. Students who wish to earn honors credit will also read the Stranger by Camus, write a 1500 word paper, memorize 25-30 lines of 莎士比亚.

Homework Requirement: .每晚5小时

Rhetoric – Truth is Stranger than Fiction- Non-fiction 阅读 和 writings: .5信用

This semester class focuses on non-fiction texts including Nickeled 和 Dimed, Unbroken, 和 various essays of varying formats. Rhetorical strategies are emphasized, students will write in-class weekly 和 complete an 800 word research paper. Students may earn honors credit if they read 的浅滩,写一篇1500字的论文,并创建一个作品集,提交给英语系主席.

Homework Requirement: .每晚5小时

公共演讲: .5信用

Option for 12th grade, second semester. 这一学期的课程通过建立特定的公共演讲能力和提高关键的听力技巧来提高口头沟通技巧. 学生将学习基本的声音控制、非语言表达和听众分析. Each student prepares 和 delivers both extemporaneous 和 planned speeches. Required speeches include: 通知ative, interpretive, demonstrative, persuasive. For the final exam in May, each student prepares a speech 和 presents it at Oratory Fair.

Homework Requirement: 2 hours per week

电影: .5信用

Elective for first 和 second semester. 在本课程中, primary goals are to develop the habits of analysis, 批评, underst和ing 和 appreciation of film in a disciplined 和 creative manner, 从电影理论和研究的总体概述开始,然后仔细研究12部具体的电影. 学生所学的语言和文化的大部分内容都是通过视觉媒体过滤的. The course moves beyond text analysis (plot,me, character) to cinematic concepts such as framing, 照明, 编辑, sound without becoming too technical. The course traces the history of cinema in the United States, explores the star system, importance of directors, 战斗片, 浪漫喜剧, 黑色电影. Films are screened in class 和讨论s follow each screening. Early films include those by Charlie Chaplin, 劳雷尔和哈代, 和 Marx Brothers, 《十大网络彩票平台大全》, Singing in the Rain. 现代导演,如佩妮·马歇尔,乔治·卢卡斯和史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格也被研究过.

Homework Requirement: .每晚5小时

戏剧: .5信用

This semester class will study 《最大网络彩票正规平台》 莎士比亚, 皮格马利翁 萧伯纳,以及 我们的小镇 by Wilder to examine dramatic techniques 和 styles. Then, as the semester final, students will perform scenes from these plays.

Homework Requirement: .每晚5小时

创意写作: .5信用

本学期课程将学习各种伟大的作品,学生将创建自己的诗歌作品集, 短篇小说, a children’s book.

Homework Requirement: .每晚5小时

新媒体 & 交流: .5信用

在这个课堂上, students will delve into our current media l和scape, thinking critically about our ultra-connected world. We will examine the role of legacy media, social media, disruptive media. Students will scrutinize, argue, write about the effects of these shifts. The class will include a comprehensive underst和ing of logical fallacies, an introduction to debate, public presentation of arguments. The class will incorporate project 和 problem-based learning.

Homework Requirement: .每晚5小时

Personal Growth 和 Reflections: .5信用

本课程旨在鼓励学生探索健康主题和工具,以提高自我意识和获得个人洞察力. Topics will include individual values 和 beliefs, 目标设定, decision-making processes, critical 和 creative thinking. 学生将通过学习发展心理学和人格理论的主题来研究人与人之间和人与人之间的交流模式. 学生还将探索自我发现的工具和个人成长的技巧,如自我评估, 正念, 日志记录, creative art making. Students will be required to complete a variety of 阅读s, assignments 和 exercises 和 participate in group discussion.

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